Joey Manoli

Name’s Joey. My familia (bros’s and dudettes) call me Chief. I am the chief of the one and only – Manhattan Pizza Company.

Lemme tell ya how this all came about. Poppi and NaNa were born and raised in the beautiful city of Napoli. He owned a Pizzeria while my NaNa took care of the kids. She made sure that the Manoli children grew up right. Then one day, Poppi had a dream. The same dream every night for 277 days! In his dream, he saw a big apple with a crown and a torch in one hand while the other was chomping on his famous pizzas. Simple as that. I ain’t telling ya no lies.

Alright Already… I’ll cut to the chase, Poppi told Nana about it and Nana said , “Don’t be a stupido Papi! The bigga Apple is-a-New York! Everybody know-a-dat! You gotta take-a-your-a pizza there. Everybody know-a they like-a pizza!” One month later, they were in NYC.

And that my friends, was how my Poppi came to the Big Apple and created the Napoli style Manhattan Pizza. In 1976 (the year I was born), my papa decided to call it, The Manhattan Pizza Company.

Today, The Manhattan Pizza Company is my baby. I make sure that           everything is just the way it is was. Me and my familia get up early in the morning to make our dough base using Poppi’s secret recipe. It’s all about the dough, baby! Big is how we like our pizzas. Each slice is 10 inches! After all, here at M.P.C, we always say, “We put the XXX in XXXL.”

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