Why Singapore?

One rainy day, she stumbled into our restaurant, Tan Yi Ling that is…… (If the spelling is wrong, give me a break…) Ordered a slice of Pepperoni, washed it down with a can of coke. Yikes! It was the first time in my life I’ve seen a non New Yorker, devour a      Manhattan pie with such passion.

I walked from behind the counter and shook her hand. She gave me her name and said she came from Singapore. She was schmoozing,

“Pizzas are well liked but, it’s just so expensive!”

Two days later, she was on her way back to Singapore. In the days that followed, her words stuck to me like cheese on a pizza! I hopped on the first plane I could get to    Singapore. The boss needs a break ya know….

When I arrived, I went straight to the best pizzerias. I thought to myself, “She certainly   ain’t bluffin!”  They charge an arm and two legs! I gotta tell you, I felt pity for these      people cuz they seem alright.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole way back. I couldn’t let this go. A few weeks later, I packed my bags, gave my lil’ bro, Luigi, the keys to M.P.C. , kissed my mama farewell, gave papa a hug, together with my familia, I boarded a plane to Singapore.

I’m gonna set things right, we are gonna make history in Asia. And it begins with the Little Red Dot….