Name’s Joey. My familia (bros’s and dudettes) call me Chief. I am the chief of the one and only – Manhattan Pizza Company.

Lemme tell ya how this all came about. Poppi and NaNa were born and raised in the beautiful city of Napoli. He owned a Pizzeria while my NaNa took care of the kids. She made sure that the Manoli children grew up right. Then one day, Poppi had a dream. The same dream every night for 277 days! In his dream, he saw a big apple with a crown and a torch in one hand while the other was chomping on his famous pizzas. Simple as that. I ain’t telling ya no lies.

Alright Already… I’ll cut to the chase, Poppi told Nana about it and Nana said , “Don’t be a stupido Papi! The bigga Apple is-a-New York! Everybody know-a-dat! You gotta take-a-your-a pizza there. Everybody know-a they like-a pizza!” One month later, they were in NYC.

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We've got homemade pizzas made daily! Choose from our delicious toppings such as Pepperoni, Hawaiian and many more. Bring your mates around for a couple of pints and enjoy Asahi, Kronenbourg and Brooklyn IPA on tap.

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